Patrón Añejo

​ Patrón Reposado

 Patrón Silver

​ ​Don Julio 1972

 Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia


 Maestro Dobel​

​ Cruz 

​ Don Felix Añejo 

​ Cazadores


 Gran Centenario​

​ 7 Leguas

​ Corralejo​ ​​​​

¡Chicken, Beef or Carnitas!


Remember, Every Monday is

​​​Margaritas $5 ALL DAY



 Cruz's Margarita

 Our own Cruz Rojas’ Specialty!

 Made with  Cruz Tequila’s blue weber  agave, slow cooked in traditional brick  ovens in Jalisco, Mexico

 Contra todo mal, mezcal;  contra todo bien, también



 Beloved in Mexico even over the  ubiquitous margarita. Tequila makes  friends with lime and grapefruit for a 
 refreshing twist

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 Jack Daniels

 Jack Daniels Fire

 Jack Daniels Honey

 Buffalo Trace

 Maker's Mark


 Knob Creek 


El que más temprano se moja, más tiempo tiene para secarse



 our Legendary                                        Blended or On the Rocks

​​​ Strawberry / Peach / Raspberry / Pineapple / Coconut /

 Melon / Mango/ Pomegranate / Banana         7.00​​

 Join us for a Cosmo, a Classic martini, a lemon drop, or one

 of our many signature cocktails!

 Jarritos de Tlaxcala

 A favorite served in the old country; served in a traditional clay mug this  cocktail that flies off the bar in Tlaxcala & all over Mexico. Cazadores  Reposado with lime juice, agave, soda & rasberry puree (other flavors too!)


 Cervezas          $6


 Corona Light


 Dos Equis Amber

​ Dos Equis Lager



 Negra Modelo



 Make it a Michelada for 7 !



 White or Red made to order by the  glass, a crisp taste made perfect with  orange, lime, apple and seasonal fruits  when available

 Beer / Cervezas 

 Los Amigos' Cucumber Jalapeno Martini

 Warm you up in the winter and cool you down in the summer,

 ask for our cool and spicy signature by name...

 Call for reservations - 818.842.3700.  We are open 7 days a week


 ​Twisted Vineyards, CA

​ Maggio Vineyards, CA

 Cabernet Sauvignon

 Root 1 Vineyards, Chile


​ Crane Lake Vineyards, CA

Pinot Grigio

 Kris Vineyards, Italy


Maggio Vineyards, CA

 Imports          $6


 Shock Top


 Michelob Ultra

 Lagunitas IPA​

 Mexican Mule

 Stubborn and delicious, this is the Latin  version of Los Angeles’ top cocktail.

 Catch your bartender’s eye and demand 

 “El Burro”!


 Mojito Cubano

 A luscious, minty nod to our Cuban  brothers and sisters. Order one and  help us say goodbye to that embargo!  Viva Cuba!

 Grey Goose

 Ketel One

​ Chopin

​ Tito's Handmade





 Bombay Sapphire

 Sex on Olive ;)

 A fruity explosion perfect for our  sunny patio. Made with fruit juices and  a blend of spirits and liqueurs, this  cocktail’s got moxie!


 Our classic Mexican cerveza preparada

​ A cold beer mixed with a spicy tomato juice blend,  rimmed with chile-salt and a dash of lime. A famous  hangover remedy ;)                     7.00​​

 Beers          $5


 Bud Light

 Coors Light

 Miller Light​