Parrila - The Grill

 Half Rack Baby Back Ribs

 Baby back ribs are marinated, seasoned, slow  

 roasted in BBQ sauce. Served with grilled corn

 on the cob and french fries


 Fresh vegetables and your choice of chicken, steak, shrimp or a combination    on a piping hot cast iron skillet served sizzling, with Mexican style rice, refried  beans, fresh guacamole and a choice of flour or corn tortillas

 w Chicken   21.25                w Chicken & Steak    22.25            w Chicken 

 w Steak       22.25                w Steak & Shrimp     23.25                Steak

 w Shrimp    22.25                w Vegetables             16.75                & Shrimp 24.25

Fajitas Los Amigos

 Pollo a la Parilla

 A half pound fresh grilled chicken breast cooked  to perfection. Served with a chile relleno and  Mexican style rice and black beans


 Carne Asada*

 A choice, center cut 12 oz. skirt steak grilled to    

 order, topped with sliced avocados. Served  with a cheese enchilada, rice and black beans


 Carne Asada con Camarones

 A choice, center cut 12 oz. skirt steak grilled to  

 order, topped with onions. Served with shrimp  

 marinated in garlic butter sauce over Mexican  

 style white rice


Molcajete Los Amigos

 Great for two! A nod to our pre-Hispanic Mesoamerican ancestors,this    

 Molcajete is served with chicken breast, steak, shrimp, cheese, cactus, spring  

 onions and our special salsa. Comes with two side dishes and rice, beans,  

 fresh guacamole and tortillas


 Call for reservations - 818.842.3700.  We are open 7 days a week

No hay que buscarle pencas al quiote

 La EntraƱa*

 A 10 oz. grilled skirt steak cooked to perfection,  

 served with Mexican style white rice, sliced  

 avocados and tomatoes


Ribs & Burgers

 Amigos Bacon Cheeseburger

 A half pound of Angus beef, grilled to order and  

 topped with american cheese, crisp bacon,

 lettuce, onion, tomatoes and avocado. Served    

 with french fries



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